Rainer Frick is a Director and Filmmaker currently living in Vienna, Austria. His goals are to direct projects and teams in creative environments, making beautiful imagery and telling stories. With a passion for art and beauty, he always is looking for a way to express his creativity.
Let it be for commercials, corporate videos or shorts.

Due to years of experience in the whole process of filmmaking, like conception, cinematography and postproduction, he leads teams on full scale productions, but also takes on entire projects solo- doing. Everything from the storyboard sketches to optimizing the final delivery. A passion of his is traveling and looking for adventures. On his way documentaries develop, and he always collects new quirky ideas for fiction.

He worked on projects with clients like Apple, Coca Cola, Starbucks, Volkswagen and Western Union.

Please feel free to contact him to discuss any collaboration enquiries you may have.
e-Mail: contact [at] rainer-frick [dot] de